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Why you need a Coach

Business Coaching is a close relationship between coach and coachee and as such both needs to have confidence in the others capability. From my own perspective working with clients has resulted in great success both for the Business Owners individually and by awards their businesses have subsequently gone on to win. From a £2m business achieving 67% growth in 12 months and over 400% increase in profitability, to the reduction in working hours from 80+ per week to 50 combined with increased profits achieved within a couple of months. Sometimes smaller numbers can have a bigger impact like turning a £50k loss into a £50k profit in the first 12 months of coaching, or helping with an advert design resulting in an 18 fold increase in response rates. Please see testimonials and case studies either enclosed or on the web site for more information.

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Who is Dave Betts

As an established Business Coach based in Colchester I have worked with a large variety of business types helping them address issues and challenges.
I have a strong academic background, although have come to realise that learning is best achieved through broader techniques selected according to personal experience
This has developed my passion working with and training people for their best performance, using these different techniques and Business Coaching lets me utilise these skills to their best effect.

This personal development theme follows through to my free time, where I built a competitive 4x4 off road vehicle with the challenge being designing and refining its performance to an optimum. Or with flying gliders where my piloting skill is pitched against the elements. In each of these I seldom actually compete although I have won trophies for both.

Prior to becoming a Business Coach I have worked with many blue chip companies including Sony, Panasonic, Mars, British Aerospace, Solectron, Celestica and Siemens. These companies are highly structured and top performers in their global markets.

Working with businesses from North Essex and South Suffolk drawing on my successful background of experience in Engineering and Project Management, then 20 years in Sales and Marketing positions with Global responsibilities I can draw on Engineering skills to appreciate technical requirements, my Sales and Management experience for directly resolving development issues in a business. However behind all this, the ActionCoach system for developing a business, coupled with the combined resources of 1200 other coaches like myself worldwide that I can call on, represents a formidable armoury of capability to meet any demand.

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